We Are Coccinellidae Co.

Black_and_white_image_of_biologists_as_they_photograph_puffi copy.jpg
“The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity.”
-Edmund Burke

We are Coccinellidae Co. We are curious, adventurous individuals who yearn to explore. Not for the exploring itself, however. With purpose, like putting together a puzzle. With ambition, like a mountain climber scaling Mount Everest. With abandon, like a child playing pretend.

We are problem-solvers. But we are also problem-seekers. Disappearances, thefts, kidnappings, or worse. Mysteries. Locks for which keys are requested and required. We are the finders of locks and the searchers of keys.

Picture a band of ordinary people who believe that life is more than serving the self. Extraordinary things happen when the homo sapien looks after its own.

Aside from helping others, you may be asking, “Why would you do this?”, and the answer brings us full circle.

“The first and simplest emotion…curiosity.”

Stay curious.

-The investigators of Coccinellidae Co.